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Attendance at the Executive Series events are by invitation only. Our breakfast meetings are exclusive for DallasHR Members and networking events are for Members and Future Members alike.

For questions regarding participation, please contact Erin Swain.

Register: June 20 Breakfast
Note: All registered guest must be on the invite list or the registration will be cancelled.

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This unique benefit has been developed to provide HR executives in our community with access to other HR leaders of national and international organizations. Annually, we will offer 3 morning educational programs that will feature an opportunity for Senior HR leaders to network with peers and hear about their challenges while sharing best practices. Additionally, DallasHR will host 2 networking events during the year.

Please note that these meetings are offered by Invitation Only and each is open to a limited number of attendees.

New for 2022!! Members of the Chapter who hold an executive title can stay connected in the HRConnect Community titled, "HR Executive Members".  Request to join today!

Next Event in 2023

June 20, 2023
7:30 AM - 9:00 AM
Political Correctness and Language Suffocation
Are HR leaders struggling to have difficult and important conversations with today's highly sensitized workforce? Are there ways to “lighten” the air while being respectful and while providing a nurturing environment that allows creativity?

Vidya Moorthy
Vidya Moorthy, Founder of Austin-based Clural LLC and CEO of Bassett Education India, is a communication strategist, DEI specialist and a specialist in cross-cultural training, boundary crossing tactics, media relations and inter-personal communication. She served as vice-president of Client Services at Bassett & Bassett, Incorporated, a strategic communication management firm head-quartered at Detroit, Michigan, where worked closely with legislators, lobbyists, reporters and organizations on both corporate marketing campaigns as well as grassroots public information campaigns. She then served as the Managing Director, Asia-Pacific Operations for Bassett & Bassett. Dedicated to making a meaningful contribution to the field of education, she founded Bassett Education India, a Life Skills training solution for students, teachers and professionals, specializing in DEI. Having worked with professionals in three continents for more than two decades, she has a global perspective of DEI. Recognizing that effective communication is the key to professional and personal success, she is an expert trainer in psychological skills, emotional skills, non-verbal communication, networking, email etiquette, global sensitivities, media relations and nuances of different styles of communication across cultures.

February 28, 2023
Confessions of a Plaintiff’s Employment Lawyer: How CHRO’s Can Reduce the Likelihood of Being Sued by Their Employees
Presented by: Chris Antone
Chris will share his 40 years of experience defending management in workplace litigation and highlight those reoccurring problematic management properties that repeatedly cause employee lawsuits. Chris will provide advice on strategic initiatives designed to minimize the chance that your company will face an employee lawsuit in 2023.  


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