Corporate Bylaws

The Dallas Human Resource Management Association (DHRMA), Inc. is governed by a Board of Trustees, Executive Committee, staff and two Boards of Directors - One for the Association and one for The HRSouthwest Conference.  
As a Texas not-for-profit organization with a membership structure, the DallasHR membership participates in major corporate decisions. Specifically, members who have the exclusive right to elect officers and directors and to amend the Bylaws. Like any corporation, a not-for-profit has a board of directors to make important policy decisions, officers to oversee and manage the day-to-day operations of the organization and employees to do the work. The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall viability of the organization and the oversight of the corporate business affairs of DHRMA, Inc. This Board focuses on long-term strategic activities and the continuity of leadership and direction. 
The Executive Committee oversees the management and business affairs of the Corporation. This Board is responsible for the oversight of the activities of the two divisions of the organization, DallasHR and The HRSouthwest Conference.  The two divisions are each managed by a Board of Directors who are focused on the current year's business activities. 

Click here to see a complete copy of DallasHR’s Bylaws.  

Corporate Operating Philosophy – Volunteer Driven, Staff Managed 

DHRMA, Inc. is a “volunteer driven, staff managed” organization. The Board of Trustees determine and communicate vision and strategic outcomes. Decision-making authority for determining strategic objectives is vested in the Board of Trustees. Division Boards/Committees – Have a significant involvement in executing the vision and strategic outcomes set by the Board of Trustees. Committee structure reflects core competencies and utilizes ad-hoc groups to address specific issues in a short, definable time frame. Staff - The staff effectively manages the daily business activities of the Corporation. Authority for most operational decisions is delegated to staff, although within defined parameters. New member recruitment and retention programs are managed by staff with volunteer participation, including outreach to diverse HR groups. Decision-making and industry initiatives are based on trend identification and target market analysis, with substantial work by volunteer committees and staff. Staff helps identify and recruit volunteer leaders. The Executive Director is given adequate financial management responsibilities to be able to manage the Corporation on a day-to-day basis. Comprehensive budget developed by staff with volunteer input and approval.

Code of Ethics

Company associates will maintain the highest ethical standards in the conduct of Company affairs. Intent of this policy is that each associate will conduct the Company's business with integrity and comply with all applicable laws in a manner that excludes considerations of personal advantage or gain. The following is a summary of the Company's policy with respect to (1) gifts, favors, entertainment and payments given or received by Company associates, (2) potential conflicts of interest and (3) certain other matters: Click here to see a complete copy of Code of Ethics.  

Position Descriptions

Board of Trustees 

The Board of Trustees (“BOT”) shall be responsible for the overall viability of DHRMA, Inc. [the Corporation] and the oversight of the corporate business affairs of the Dallas Human Resource Management Association, Inc. In conjunction with the volunteer leadership and staff, it shall also be responsible for the long-term strategic planning activities of the Corporation, legal operations accountability and for ensuring a continuity of leadership and direction over time. The Board of Trustees is comprised of three elected members serving 3-year terms, two appointed non-HR professionals serving 2-year terms, corporate attorney, two Trustees assigned per their position’s job description. See full position description

Executive Committee 

The Executive Committee (“EC”) shall be responsible for the oversight of the management and business affairs of the Corporation. In conjunction with the volunteer leadership and staff, the EC is also responsible for oversight of the activities of both divisions’ leadership teams. The Executive Committee is comprised of the DallasHR President and President-Elect, the HRSouthwest Conference Director and Conference Director-Elect, and the Executive Director. The Executive Director serves as Chair of the EC.  See full position description.

Chapter Board Members

Chapter Committee Members 

Conference Board Members 

Conference Committee Members