New Member Partner Program 

Connecting veteran members with new members during their first year of membership to help new members become better engaged and maximize their membership. Advisors are assigned for a year with the option to continue the program in year two.

New Member Program Details 

Do you want to get the most out of your DallasHR membership?  The New Member Partner Program pairs you up with a veteran DallasHR member to find out how to get involved and take advantage of all that DallasHR has to offer.  If you are a DallasHR member, have a desire to get involved and have time to attend events outside of work hours, this is the program for you.
Once you are paired with a New Member Advisor, you will contact them, openly discuss your expectations and follow through on commitments and goals set. 

New Member Requirements 

Schedule and meet with your advisor one month after being paired together
Schedule and meet once a quarter after the first meeting
Respect the time of your advisor  
After 12 months, complete a program evaluation

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Annual Activity Recommendations

Depending on your goals these are some suggested activities to get the most out of your membership.  
Four Education Events
Two Round Tables
Two networking events
One volunteer opportunity

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New Member Advisor Program Details

A New Member Advisor provides direction and recommendations to help new members to DallasHR to get the most out their membership. The advisor embraces the new member into the organization, promotes involvement in various activities, and introduces them to other DallasHR members.  Participation provides professional enhancement, higher visibility and prestige and personal satisfaction of giving back to DallasHR.

Advisor Requirements 

Has been a DallasHR member for over one year
You have a willingness to commit time and energy to the relationship
Can help the new member set and attain their membership goals
Is an active participant in various DalalsHR events like attending Education Events, Round Table Meetings and Networking events.

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Current application goes to a google document:

Advisor Responsibilities

Acts as a resource 

Advisor responsibilities (but not limited to):
Acts as a resource for information about DallasHR
Gives guidance on which events best align with their interest or reason for joining
Introduces the New Member to other DallasHR members
Establishes trust with the New Member and maintains confidentiality (if applicable)
Challenges the New Member to get involved
Shares unique DallasHR experiences

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